HiScript ii Reverse Transcriptase

Introduction HiScript II first-strand cDNA Synthesis kit Vazyme HiScript II reverse transcriptase is a new generation reverse transcriptase optimized from M-MLV (RNase H-) reverse transcriptase. The half-life of HiScript II at 50 ℃ is> 240 min. Even at 55 ℃, HiScript II can remain stable for a long time, which significantly benefits RNA transcription. Templates…

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NOVA Test Anti-HIV

What is this test? This test looks for HIV infection in your blood or saliva. HIV is the virus that causes AIDS. About 1 in 5 people infected with HIV do not know it because they may not have symptoms. HIV comes in 2 forms: HIV-1. This type is found all over the world. HIV-2.…

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COVID-19 Ag/Ab Diagnostic

Introduction: For the COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) response, rapid diagnostic tests (RDTs) of COVID-19 antigen (Ag) and antibodies (Ab) are expected to complement core molecular tests, particularly in low-resource settings. This review assesses the requirements for the implementation of the COVID-19 PDRs in Sub-Saharan Africa. Methods: Review of articles published in PubMed evaluating the PDRs of COVID-19…

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Flu A/B & SARS-CoV-2 Detection Kit

Intended use: Suspected qualitative RNA detection of SARS-CoV-2 (2019-nCoV) and Influenza A / B in samples from individuals suspected of COVID-19 by your healthcare provider. High performance: With the rapid spread of COVID-19, conventional nucleic manual Acid extraction can hardly stand a rapid high-performance tests. The Andis 350 Automated Nucleic Acid ANDiS SARS-CoV-2 extraction system…

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100 mM dCTP

Description: DCTP, PCR grade is supplied as an ultrapure aqueous solution (pH 8.5) and is suitable for all molecular biology applications, including PCR / qPCR, reverse transcription, DNA labelling, and DNA sequencing. Invitrogen dCTP is prepared to a final concentration of 100 mM in highly purified water. 100 mM dCTP is suitable for use in…

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Biocidal ZF

N-86620 Spray disinfectant for incubator

Software program: Ready-to-use decision. Surfaces are cleaned and sprayed with Biocidal ZF™. Let dry. Incubators must be disinfected every 4 weeks. Biocidal ZF™ can be utilized to disinfect the pores and skin surfaces of cell custom flasks. Biocidal ZF N-86620 Specific spray-disinfectant for incubators and laminar stream hoods for safeguarding cultures in the direction of micro…

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Fc Receptor Block is a peptide based experience designed to dam Fc Receptors

Moreover obtainable in azide-free for keep cell, helpful assays and Stream cytometry. Fc Blocker might be utilized for keep cells and helpful assays which may be delicate to sodium azide with none cytotoxicity or cell demise. ADVANCED AND UNIQUE FEATURES Blocks Fc Receptors in every human and animal cells 30 minute incubation step at room…

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ABM HSA Mirna inhibitor

anticipated microRNA stem-loop. hsa mir 425 3p mirna inhibitor

A detrimental correlation between miR-199a-3p and its predicted aim SLITRK6 was observed, displaying potential for extra experimental validation in CRC. Our outcomes current extra proof that CSC-related genes and their regulatory miRNAs are involved in CRC enchancment and growth and counsel that some them, considerably miR-199a-3p and its SLITRK6 aim gene, are promising for extra validation in CRC. Abstract Necessary progress has been…

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Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay

A Corticosterone specific antibody has been precoated onto 96-well plates and blocked. Necessities or check out samples are added to the wells and subsequently biotinylated Corticosterone is added after which adopted by washing with wash buffer. Avidin-Biotin-Peroxidase Superior is added and unbound conjugates are washed away with wash buffer. TMB is then used to visualise…

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